Monday, March 15, 2010

Funnel Vision

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Most every Saturday, Lauren and I treat ourselves to a different restaurant for Date Night.  Tonight's choice was La Tierra in Downtown San Antonio.  This worked out well because (1) we had a gift card as a wedding gift and (2) the Luminaria festival was taking place.  Luminaria is San Antonio’s annual celebration of art and artists attracting nearly 200,000 people each year.  Sadly, since the restaurant was PACKED we had to wait about an hour to get in.  After enjoying some face-numbing margaritas and tasty Mexican dishes there wasn't much time to enjoy the sights & lights of the festivities. Because of this, I was saddened.  Saddened until I saw a humble little stand with a sign that read "Funnel Cakes."  Lauren was still full, so I tackled this beast all alone.  I boxed it up to go and enjoyed the rest of it at home with a tall glass of cold milk.

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