Friday, March 12, 2010

Tea Thames

Thursday, March 11, 2010

In July of 2007 I visited the United Kingdom for the first time, namely England and Scotland. During my time in the land of Scot plenty of delightful on-the-go activities occupied my time.  Bunking in hostels brimming with personality, backpacking through the seemingly untouched countryside, standing in reverence of the castles, or taking a quick dip in Loch Ness.  It was all wonderful and, if I'm being quite honest, a bit much to take in in just under a week.  Although the scenery changed often, one constant was always present - tea. Proper tea.  As my tour around Scotland progressed, the consumption of the hot (never cold) beverage began to take on a deeper meaning.  It was during these times that I sat with friends and discussed what we had experienced that day.  With each sip a mental snapshot was being uploaded.  With each sip the corners of my mouth creased slightly.  I can hardly bring myself to call this brief stay in the UK a vacation.  It was more of a life-enriching jaunt.  I was leaving a better person than when I had arrived.  And even though I couldn't take Larkhall's babbling brook home with me I did have my memories.  And my tea.

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