Thursday, March 11, 2010

Polar-Eyes 3D

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

After not wanting to see Avatar at all initially, I went because Lauren and her parents wanted to go.  The film was pleasantly surprising.  Deep and layered with multiple, analogous parallels if you're looking for them.  Or just really cool if you're not.  Regardless of preference, the visuals were a welcome addition to the film.  The only thing that could make them better was another dimension.  So three months after its theatrical release, I finally got the chance to enjoy the film in 3D.  I'll admit, I was a bit disappointed when I wasn't handed the good ol' red-n-blue-lensed paper glasses (à la Jaws 3D).  In their stead were the high fashion polarized specs pictured above.  So much for nostalgia.  However, I enjoyed watching Avatar a second time and the 3D experience truly added a bit of depth to the film.

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